About us

Frequent Flyers today are people with modern, active lifestyles. We created FREQUENT FLYER with this in mind. Thinking of the time when the Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Airport was still in operation inspired our brand. The airport’s reputation was world-famous during its time. Considering how traveling is such a big part of our lives today, in 2016 we launched FREQUENT FLYER as a travel and lifestyle accessories brand.


We are dedicated to producing high-end, high-quality designs using a wide range of premium materials for travelers and every-day commuters.


All of our products are thoughtfully designed for those who need ample storage space, in addition to well-thought compartments for your belongings. Intuitive use and easy, convenient access to the bags was our primary focus. This is why most FREQUENT FLYER bags are characterized by their “zip-around” design, a zipper system that allows bags to be opened into a fully flat position. Our innovative use of a variety of materials and unique design elements combine to create a bag the user can intuitively understand and use to its full potential.


All FREQUENT FLYER products are designed primarily with simple, easy-access usage, functionality, and style in mind.


Shop Frequent Flyer and enjoy comfortable, hassle-free traveling.